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28 November, 2012

We are saturday, all day.. aka Istanbul Contemporary

So I have been craving for some bagels. It has been over 2 years since I had my last bagel in NY. I know Istanbul has many awesome and delicious substitutions but sometime girl gotta get some bagel. Tribeca makes and sells their own bagel. the only place in Turkey. So I decided to check them out, like I had a choice. Having bagel in a serious restaurant environment sounded a bit weird but if that is my only option, then I shall have it. 

So off we went. It was good-ish. Bagels were tasty-ish. cream cheese was awful. It was the typical failed-Turkish-Philadelphia substitution that was way too cheesy than creamy. But I decided to buy me some extra bagels to go and try them with proper cream cheese and proper coffee. They  had run out of everything bagel (I might have finger in that) so we took onion, sesame and poppy seed bagels. The next day I toasted them nice and crispy and ate them with Philadelphia. They were good enough. Still something missing, which I cannot pinpoint. I am guessing I was missing NY on my bagels. Next time I'll have them in NY then.

Unfortunately I was too hungry to remember to photograph before eating.
So you only get to see last bits of my bagel meal.

No bagel is left behind!!

And then, the next day, sunday morning, I had my bagel with proper cream cheese and coffee.
Still not fully satisfied.

Istanbul Contemporary aka today we are saturday, all day...

Saturday, I wanted go and have me some bagels. The only place that makes and sells bagel in Turkey is Tribeca. We chose their Nişantaşı branch so we could easily go to Istanbul Contemporary. Martin has been distributing THAT magazine there for the past 2 days and he got me a press pass, yay! very executive. 
So I went, I saw, I was amazed and now I share. I had a similar experience many many years ago in Paris at Pompidou Museum. And I am delighted to have it again: being over stimulied by the amazing art.

Daniele Buetti

David Rodrigues Caballero

Diedrick Kraaijeveld

Emin Çizenel. Candle soot on canvas. 

Ivan Navarro

Johan van Mullern.
His website is not up yet. Wiki will have to do, for now.
Juan Genoves.
This is one of those pieces you need to see in person to appreciate.

Marc Harrold

Mehmet Ali UysalAnother work I'd like on my walls. Very genius, very very. 
Michael Kmoth
Murat Pulat. Pixel art is the new black!

Mustafa Özbakır.
Now this is a piece I'd like to own. It is quite big though. I am not sure I have enough walls.

Özlem Günyol / Mustafa Kunt.
Neither the neon on the reflection nor the girl taking the picture belong to the piece.
Rouben Gregorian

Sabire Susuz 

Seo Young Deok. Is it because I love bicycles or because it is just nice?

Stephane Lallemand

Unknown.. by me... I mean I am sure someone knows who did this piece, just not me.

means I don't know,
means I did not check or find the tag for the artwork.


Unknown. I just love neon work for some reason.


Unknown. Could not find its tag. Nice though. Very big piece, bigger than me.

Can Ertaş

Gül Ilgaz

Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin

Mustafa Karyağdı

Servet Koçyiğit.
Martin sees this piece and tells me: You can do something like this too!
Funny Mister, very funny.

Tuğberk Selçuk

Unknown. I could not find the tag for this piece. Sorry 
Abraham David Christian. Horrible website but the work is worth checking.

Rada Boukova
Andy Denzler. These are not even some of his best pieces!!!

Visual Stimuli 28.11.2012

This is my pledge to credit every artist and piece of art I come across in this huge pool of interwebs. It is quite common to get lost or lose track of who is who and who's done what. Art pieces become public domain and artists just plain public. This is my pledge to appreciate every artist that I find inspirational. It is a lot of work, tracking down every bit of image and finding their owners and linking them but I think it's worth it.

Pharilapche peak. Nepal, Himalayas, Everest region, reflaction of the Pharilapche peak (6,073 m) in the Gokyo lake (4,750 m), 2011 | 1/50 sec, f/7.1, ISO 320, FL 24 mm
James Edward Kelly (born February 14, 1960) is a former American football quarterback in the NFL for theBuffalo Bills and in the USFL for the Houston Gamblers. Cool cat if yo ask me.
Pierre Bismuth

Johannes Vermeer's Girl With The Pearl Earring’s Facebook Profile Pic by Mitchell Grafton
Stephanie Jung
Continental Steel logo

Pop Pop Bang Bang Project by Thomas Brown and Anna burns 
Installation by Sébastien Preschoux, Photos by  Ludovic Le Couster & Sébastien Preschoux
Shaul Cohen
Diego Guevara Architecture Photography
Yaroslav Belousov. Not the bestest of portfolios for sure,
but this one image is quite successful.
Tilda Swinton, photographed by Tim Walker, styled by Jacob Kjeldgaard for W Magazine

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