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24 April, 2009

HAPPINESS is not having future

So, happiness is about staying in the moment, fearlessly. 
Don't over think the moments that have not come yet. They may never come: 

The man who thought too much about future, died and he realized the last thought he had was what to wear tomorrow, a tomorrow he will never have. 
The man who stayed in the now, died, and his only thought of the moment was that the life was so pleasant as he got door'd while he was riding his bike. 

"What to wear tomorrow" or "life is pleasant"?

How about life is pleasant when there is no tomorrow. "Tomorrow" may never come. "Later" may never come. "Instant" is the only fragment of time in interest. Take your steps as you go. Sometimes you may need to stop. It is easier to stop when you don't have a step ahead in your head. It is easier to hold still when no future is force written. It is easier to let go of kontrol and give in to the unknown. Don't worry, you are safe. Everything is, you. Everything is for you. You just enjoy the ride.

23 April, 2009


Give me your liver.

_Aaaa, ustume iyilik saglik. Napicaksin kizim cigerimi alip?

_Ben bulurum yapacak bisi anne, sen ver cigerini.

_Kizim iyi misin? Bi garip konusuyosun sen. Atesin falan cikmis olmasin. Gel bakiim bi.

_Ya dalak da olur anne. Illa ciger lazim degil. Hani hangisi uygunsa sana. Ciger istedim, cunku ciger kendiliginde geri buyuyor sonra. Hani bisi kaybetmis olmuyorsun.