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30 September, 2013

Pour me some heart

When I  was younger I used to write, so much so I filled notebooks full of crap. Pouring my heart, my soul, my dilemmas. Yet I wrote them in metaphors only I can understand and relate to, in case some unkind eyes read them :P. Many years laters, mother confessed to have read them. And admitted she did not understand anything :).

I see all these arts and nice houses and brilliant ideas realized and I desire to live many lives, so I can experience all of them, myself in person, not on the inter webs. Live in that house with a glass coffee table around a rock. Come up with that awesome idea and make it happen, all of them. I want to live all the lives, mine and others. Then I remember, I believe in reincarnation and all that crap. But what is it good for if you cannot remember the epilogue and the sequel?

I guess I am just frustrated nowadays. That good old 'not enough' sensation is running through my veins, burning my soul with desires I thought I had forgotten. 

I find it very unproductive to desire things you can only get from others. But hey, it is the name of the game...

I can feel everything is positioned under my fingers, to be played with, however i wanted. And i feel scared, afraid to fuck it all up. This what i have been running away from since i was young. Having this ultimate power to make things happen like magic but because of inner conflicts fucking it all up, all the time. Finally i am there, scared to move the pieces again, feeling like running away, again. I guess this will go on until I have no place to run away. But, hey, at least I accept myself.

ps: For all those grammar nazis out there, most of my grammatical mistakes are on purpose :) The others... well, mercy ;P

09 September, 2013

Shameless Stimuli 09.09.2013

Hong Kong in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot
Anything Chinese and so photogenic
 reminds me of Bladerunner
Juana Gaita magazine issue 47

FOLDS by David Mesguich
In love, so incredible.
Keith tee by Australian tee company
Strange Days
Super kewl stuff.
Jamie Salmon
If you know Ron Mueck then you might enjoy Jamie.
I so wish there would be a Ron Mueck show in ─░stanbul.
Ryoichi Kurokawa
Breath taking work.
Jean Shin
There is something missing about these shirts
but I cannot put my finger on it :)
Reminds me of that old toy from 90's. I used to love itttt!!!!!
Whipe yo' ass with golden sheets of tp
 is a good motto to start the day.
BMW M1 drift.
I have started playing Grand Turismo again and
you cannot imagine how much I appreciate a well done drift like this one.
Truly orgasmic, and eternally weird coming out of a girls mouth.

Poster for Hollow Man, 2000
Penique Productions
Reminds me of Christo
Jonathan Zawada
Read this shit, let it sink! Because it is true.
Read it everyday until you memorize it. Because it's worth it.

Aahaahahah, as a retoucher I can truly appreciate this!

omg, i love this.
My favorite comic infused with one of my favorite movies :)

I'd love me some bitch mints :) for my heartache :D
Oh Patrick! You are the best.
Every scenario can use a Patrick or Meatwad or alike.
You wear it and/or you do not wear it?

Image from an article at World of Interiors
"The Last Taxidermist in Paris"
Has nothing to do with taxes or taxis.
Cornelia Konrads

Isabelle Wenzel

21 day
very pretty :)