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12 May, 2014

Visual stimulio 12.05.2014

Kendi lafım: Gergedanlar İslam dünyasının Yunikornlarıdır
Self Quote: Rhinos are the unicorns of the islamic world.


They are laughing at you trippin' and falling
and making a fool out of yourself.

Mystery solved.

It looks photoshopped!

Antlers yoooo, doubled up!!!
Ahhh....The sweet frozen gifs

If you ever played some sort of a game involved a ball with neighborhood kids,
and you had to make do with the plastic draft of a ball you got from Bakkal
this one was the fantasy.

Ahh snow. My life lasting love affair...

For the longest time, I thought this was the sail of the boat
and thought to myself :
'What a weird color for a sail, why not white?'
only after I realized it was a cleavage that it all made sense ;)

Somebody did Potato font! What did u do today?
Just could not resist

Will haunt you in your dreams ;)

Impersonations 01
Impersonations 02