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07 June, 2013

Vishti Stimuh 07.06.2013

The strange comfort of finding yourself illiterate in a country which the language you know nothing about. 
You find your mind not racing but resting. 
You stop trying to find clues and information that will provide you with the upper hand if need, 
Does one ever need the upper hand? 
You find yourself as you lose it in the foreign.

I have been thinking a lot about losing one self, and writing about it too. All the things you have acquired so far are not necessarily result of who you 'are' but who you 'are made'. 
Some lucky ones 'are made' and they end up 'are'. 
Some 'are made' and never 'are'. And some others 'are made' and seek a lifetime to be 'are'. 
But one thing in common is we are all made, one way or another, for better or for worse. 
We are made out of the material that we are, by other's hands. 
Does one ever wake up to make oneself? 
Does one ever  take the chisel one day and decide to make oneself anew, from the start.
If he does, is it possible to shed all that has been done and start anew?
Even if possible, can one, with no sculpting experience, chisel something good?
Sometimes questions are all there is and questions are all it takes :)
Ask away.

I have never seen a deer, far or close by. I find that sad.
I have long lasting love affair with typewriters.
I always had one at home. Always used one and
I will always love them :)

Tomer Hanuka.... WooooooWWWWW.
Martin Petersen for Tissue Magazine.
a fanzine by Frédéric Pierre & Camille Françoise
It is a t-shirt design for the Red Bull event 'Life Behind Bars'
though cannot find the artist.
Audi Sport Quattro. Not that I know anything about cars.
Not being able to find the artist of a specific art piece I come across online
is so frustrating. I wish my blog was big enough
so the artists themselves could see and claim what is theirs.

Mad Men!!!!
Found at How About Orange.
Tang Yau Hoong

Vintage Alaska Poster.
Vintage shit was far better than the contemporary bullshit.
Paul Tebbott.
Definitely a new tattoo. Emrah, do you hear me!!???
More vintage posters.
Milky Tea Earl Grey Frozen Yogurt. Wwwooooowwww.
John Tiney. Not just this, but the rest is amazing too.
We love old cars and old leaves.
Deal with it!!!!
Wire airplane... another tattoo!!! Japanese I think.
Hypnotically beautiful. Stella Stocker
It is that simple
Buffalo 77 or 66, same difference.

Album cover of David Perry?
Fabian Bürgy. Amazing shit!!!
Oh Patrick!!
Great ad for Coleman sleeping bags. Art Director by Tilim aka Atila Martins.

A great z is better than a mediocre a.

Wow another Paul Tebbott.
Do you set your alarm to complete hours(7:00am)
 or random minutes (7.03am)?
Miles Aldridge. Some really nice stuff.
I love gold. I can eat it. I love the shmell of it, the textshure of it.
But it doesn't love me back :(