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23 March, 2013

Visual Stimuli 23.03.2013

I am a big fat liar. 
Not so big, not so fat in that sense
but a liar nonetheless. 
What happened to stimuli every mondays, you ask? 
What happened to commitments? 
Well, they all put on their fancy wings
and flew out of the window. 
Meet new me, unreliable, unpredictable, unacceptable.
Alas, we are still monday, all day :)

Alexadre Farto aka Vhils. Mind Blown!
Would have been so cool if it actually been taken seriously.
Imagine your life, any life, without new art for 3 years.
I would choke, I know that much.
Cha Jong-Rye. These crazy Korean people. Have seen their movies!!???
Manuel Vilarino. I don't know why but I adore this piece.
Alexandre Fehre Studio.
Part of their Weltspeigel Cottbus Movie theatre interior design.
Madeleine Prendergast. Windmill Club.
Helena Almeida. In The Guardian
Ahahahah, good hair day makes it all go away :)
Simone Reddingius
Matthew Hollister or flickr
Supposedly, cover of an R&S album titled Lions On the Beach
by Cloud Boat. Can't find proof.

Meriç Kara, a turkish genius.

Anthony Holden.
Pantone swatch album covers by David Marsh

I want to have this neon quote. 
I want it in red neon and I want it on my living room wall.
L'Avalanche by Francoise Morellet.

Paul Cassidy.
Jason Martin. Not hair on floor but oil on aluminum.
Sam Cheok aka Bubu Sam

Matthias Heiderich. personal...
Pantone swatch album covers by David Marsh
Antony Gormley. A wow! is in order.
New tattoo? My 'No Bad Days'..
Styron Lundberg
Leap into the void.

Eyal Gever.
If I am going to get something,
I will get it deluxe with cherry on top, not just plain ol' regular.
Mine was different but I am ok with this one too.

Women at war photos from WW2.

Martin Usborne. Maybe a look #36?
most brilliant resume ever. have to check the link!!!

12 March, 2013

Visual Stimuli 12.03.2013

Very cool tattoo, not so cool armpit. Tattoo by Kostek
He went that way.
Filippo Minelli
Chiara Manchovas
Lissy Elle. So different from her flying pieces.
Stiletto Magazine Meta Mor Flore by Jan Welters

Tilman!!!!! Next tattoo!!!!!
Brandon Ortwein
Melted Snowman Cookies. So perfect!!!

Rolling Stones, 1978 album Some Girls
Kevin Boodtama
Peter Beste
Jelle Martens

Elspeth Diederix
Sit Haiiro
Kim Holtermand
Tim Simmons
I must thank Emin for bringing this epic image to my life. When you see it...
Fiona Banner. Wow!!!
I take your sense of perspective and I screw with it.

Martin Puryear's Ladder for Booker T. Washington

hide-a-fucking propane?

Amy Fries
Game of my life

Stefanus Rademeyer. LOVE ITTTT