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14 April, 2011

Name of the Game

When does it happen? 
How does it happen? 
You never know and you never will. You just get hit by it. 
You are as shocked as before, unbelieving, puzzled and confused. 
You just don't undestand how quick, how uncanny and sneaky it can approach you and you just don't understand until it is all over, 
until it is too late, 
until the arrow had left the bow and 
until you are on a road that you cannot turn back. 
until you give that heart of yours and you cannot take it back.

The name of the game is 'falling in love' and it is the best game that man has ever invented.

It is so unpredictable. You never know how it will happen, when, who, but it will happen when you are ready. Not when you THINK you are ready, but when you are really ready. Ready to suck in all the joy and pain that love has to offer. It will happen when you do not look for it, really, believe me. It will creep up on you from behind, catch you breathless and shaken, not stirred, no olives, dry...

The name of the game is "falling in love" and it is the best game that man is entitled to play.