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08 March, 2010


Yesterday, there I was at Coney Island, enjoying the amazing "warm but not too hot, cool but not too cold" weather alongside the ever missed tiredness of 12 miles bike ride down that followed a 28 miles bike ride up to the cloisters yesterday, I saw this oldish guy by the pier where I parked my bike as I was motioning to head back up to Sunnyside where the sun always shined no matter what.

The oldish guy, but when I say oldish I am talking about a well rounded 70 years in his pocket, was sporting an ill fitted suit due to his age and his mediocre tailor and a bouquet of flowers hinting the possible arrival of a missus.

Even though the positive aspect of still having the mojo to date and even wait with flowers and suit, the idea of 'being stood up" crossed my mind. Maybe the way he stood up at the end of the pier, one foot out, or maybe his energy made me feel ever absence of the lady of the day. As he walked off the pier, alone, flowers dangling by his side, I could not help but think: "I hope he was not stood up. I hope he just came on to the pier to gather his thought and balls for a crazy night ahead. And it is too early to meet the missus anyways, at 3.30pm. I am sure he is just enjoying some fresh air. You go get them tiger!"
You go get them tigers... you all deserve a little bit of encouragements. Apostrophe's!!! Extra Apostrophe's!! one dollar!! For your plural's!!!"