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26 August, 2013

No name stimuli 26.08.2013

UPDATE: The artist info is added. Enjoy!!!
For a while, the artists will be added later, maybe...
Too much work for a lad who already works 2 jobs.
Why deprive the gents of some awesome stimuli, right?

Rain Room by Random International
Rest of their work is also as mindboggling as breath taking.
Another amazing project, something like The waterfall swing set.

Waterfall Swing set. I so love this.
The opposite version of the cartoons in which the sad characters get rained on.
Here, in my world, the jolly characters get never rained on. Yay!
Cars and Films by Jesus Prudencio

John Waters
Pretty kewl stuff.
Cars and Films by Jesus Prudencio

Stephane Massa-Bidal
I have been living with a type aficionado for over 10 years
and I have come to appreciate the kind serenity found in good type :)
I have a thing for the word'Marauder'. I find it quite attractive.
I love its meaning too: One who roams or goes around in quest
of plunder(another favorite word)
Free association:
Quarter Mile Marauder
Quarter Pounder Marauder
Marauder Royal. Ahahaha, I just made myself laugh :P.
Banksy's take on Damien Hirsch.
As much as hated, I have to admit, I like Damien Hirsch:
Cocky, annoying, troubled, lost. He is just like any of us.
Maybe that's why people love to hate him.

Bandini, so sleeeeeek.
Dschwen LLC by David Schwenn
Say it out loud!
What the fork?!!

You can also go with What the frack, if you are a Battlestar Galactica fan.
Alaia by Azzedine Alaia published by Steidl, 1998.
Can we have more of these in fashion photography
and less of the current bullshit?
Maserati A6G 2000 Spider
That's what I call sexy!

Cars and Films by Jesus Prudencio
For someone who doesn't like cars, I like cars too much :P

I can make you perfect, if needed
For everything else, there is always Walgreens.

Sebatian Reiser
Nice work.
I think I would have been him if I had continued to photograph.

P. Eggleston
As a penman I can truly appreciate some well done penmanship :)
Although this might have been done on computer :P
Ivan Bügel
Gotta love Olafur Eliasson
Image from Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage), 1973

Acrylic Paintings by Pierre Schwerzmann
Kicki Edgren Nyborg
Image from Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage), 1973

Clavienrossier Architectes
'A house is a machine for living' Le Corbusier.
A damn good machine.
Rick Murphy
From Prada, 2007