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02 February, 2014

To Keep in Mind

An amazing artist Antony Gormley. There is a great TED talk he gave, I'd recommend strongly.
For the last couple of minutes he talks about his piece consistent of a room filled with fog. As you enter it, you disappear, even to yourself. You hold your hand out and you no longer see it. You no longer see your feet. You are reduced to your center self and there are people around you who are experiencing the same thing getting very close to you without you realizing it. You start to feel their energy. You connect with yourself and your surrounding NOT through your eyes but through your ability to sense.

These kind of artists, these wise souls then imagine beyond the horizon line give me hope and joy for the human kind.

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Koalas to the max  don't be fooled by the name. Just go and play :)

I made this using koalas starting from the big circle. Basically you move your cursor over to divide the circles down: