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16 December, 2013

Visual Stimuli 16.12.2013

It is all in the details. Aesthetics Habitat.
Deutsche Bank Building with a gash in the facade imparted
by the collapsing World Trade Center
Michael Magin
Blah blah but true.
I believe I can rock this jacket
Cover of the book Volltanken Bitte! by Christof Vieweg
Roselie de Thelin
Episode "Identified" of the 70's TV series UFO
Yochai Matos

Daft is that you?
Gerrel Saunders aka Gaks
 in Gold, again, we trust. Again Miles Aldridge
Turkish culture's biggest and bestest input to the comic world, can be bought here.
My fair lady :)

Well played, sir, well played.

It is wrong in so many level, yet so funny!!!
Velcro kitty!! Click on it 
to see the kitty in action
Antilope Valley. One day I shall dine in here!

Der kuss :)
I am hypnotized. I don't get it. I can't look away. I can't ignore
'Da fuck!' he seems to say.

Film still by a Radley Metzger movie

Punk, is that you?
Gerrel Saunders aka Gaks

Can I have one please?
That's how some people find zen; drawing these incredibly detailed things.
I find zen in the fact that someone out there is drawing them
and that I can see them :)

Giant penis orbiting the Earth.
Nah, it's a submarine, come on, orbiting the Earth.
Self-actualization Lesson 1: Self five