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23 April, 2013

Visual Stimuli with a kick 23.04.2013

In the curvy, convoluted trails of our brain, hidden is the location of almost everything we own from the octagon shaped key that tightens that specific screw on our bike to the pen we use to write invoices.

We know where they all are, within our living spaces.

We designate kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes of space in our brains to locations of the things we own. More and more we own, less and less space is left in our brain for our little selves. We kind of like that too. We like to have less of ourselves, because we are scared of our own, what we really feel, what we really want, what we really need and what we really have. So less we have in our brains and more we have of objects, happier we are and emptier.

I admire people who can never find their keys or their ways around the town. I am sure it is very frustrating for them. But for someone who had never gotten lost and barely lost anything, misplacing keys or street names is a luxury.

Dropping the habit of designating space in the brain to 'locating' is a task needs learning. It is about letting go, it is about getting lost and losing. Lose things! Lose people! Lose streets! Lose yourself so you can find anew!

Less we own things, more we can own ourself, whoever that might be...


Stalk magazine. Coolest shit.
Dan Rees. Nice stuff.
Does he need introduction?
He is none but Bruce Lee himself.
As cool as he can be.
In my heart, they have never left :)
I think I can be fine with being called a cunt,
(even though I prefer twat)
especially with roses :)
Him? Again? Enough already :)
Yeoh gh
Julius Klinger
No luck finding the owner.
I heard something like marqu-es but...
10 HammerstithGrove.
Good ligature, not so good content
I really do this,
when everything goes my way,
as planned :)
Napoleon Dynamite, if you did not know already

Hmmmm, maybe one day I will dress up like a pin up girl
and these will be my shoes
Aahahaahahha, my dream movie just got dreamier.

The best Shaun of the Dead reference evuh!!!

Hua Tunan

Definitely want!!!
But don't need it anymore since I sold my soul to kindle.

Totallyyy waannntttt!!!!!
Yeah, like, totally... dude...
My favorite movie just got favoriter.
Neko Case Atlanta Concert Poster
by Methane Studios.
Very nice stuff all around.
Tom Ziebinski
Vertigo or vertistay?
Can it get better?
Severafrahm feautred at Jag Zoeppritz
I am stunned, hypnotized, mesmerized.
none other than Helmut Newton
Thank me later :)
Very sensual, oh so sexy...

Cerejeira Fontes Architects at Gizmodo
That's why I love post modernism.
Dave Murray
In Lindsey Wixson we trust.

PancakeRay :)

I have to say, I admire the evil genius.
I see great destructions in his future :)
I am not going to caption him. He is hot enough for you to google :)

William Shatner, my man!!!!!

03 April, 2013

Visual Stimuli, are we keeping track or what?

Tsunami Glassworks
Super cool.
I have special kind of love for glass and wood.
Xavier Comas or Flickr 
Weegee aka Arthur Fellig, Naked Hollywood
3 different links y'all....
Basque health department headquarters
Looks like Bilbao has some super cool buildings.
Cheezy but.... come on!
Weird Girl by, yes you guessed right, Tim Burton. 

Chalermphol Harnchakkham 

Comic Sans at its best.
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...
Hey Lara, does the equation mean anything?
Boyle bir tasarim yapip da agzimi acik birakan zihinleri yiyim yaaa...
I cherish the sick mind that invented such mind boggling USB drive
Neon work again steals my heart.
Şakir Gökçebağ 
Totoro and dust ball in one place. Want.
Studio Ghibli.
Los Carpinteros. Uber duper cool.
Allow you mind to be tickled.
Thomas Lohr
Ho Ryon Lee. Fantastic.
Carol Gilbert

Lorba Macintyre. Super cool cat.
Helmut Newton for Vogue Dec 1975
Nice. I cannot find info on cover design. Martin, help?
Alexa Meade 

Hands down the best cosplay!!! Parents, you are doing it right.

Matias Corea, co-founder of Behance network
This is how 'rolling eyes' is done.

Sarah Illenberger 
Jeremy Mann.
I just love paintings of a rainy day
Epic spoon.
I know a better one, but this one is quite good as well.
Flexible paper sculptures by Li Hongbo. Holly wowww.
Sherbetttttt!!! Sherbowski!!! 
Vincet Olinet and many more
Cool.. breaking down the letter :)
Hmmmm... she is having fun :)