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29 April, 2014

Visual Stimuli 29.04.2014

Blend portfolio except a couple of pieces
Vitaliy Reznichenko
Alexander McQueen Spring '11
Only possible way anyways.
and ice cream licking girls ;)
Señor Salme
can be bought on Society6
Want!!!(17"x20" print)
Heritage by Cai Guo-Qiang
a still from an animation by Golden Wolf
Antlers, always and forever.
I can't believe I still haven't got an antlers tattoo. 
Ren Hang
Check it out. Stunning stuff
Monster Skin Rugs by Joshua Ben Longo
can be bought through his website
Reminds me of the creatures from Attack the Block.
Awesome movie. Gotta check it out.
Great Scott McKenzie. Don't need to say it but NSFW.
At this rate, I will have my blog shut down too.
Kahrolsun bağzı şeyler.
Apparently this is a cover image of a James album
But I don't know who is responsible for it.
Amy Judd
I think I would have liked these more if they were
Albino gator eye.
The original image is much redder/yellower
Atomic muffin
The Man Writing on Water by Jan Fabre amazing artist
When in doubt, gold 
In gold we trust. 
I can't believe I still haven't got a gold tattoo :)
Don Brown

it is a rare treat to appreciate a beautifully drawn eyeliner

For all of you out there wondering what to get,
here is another birthday gift idea for me
Pietro Sadda
Thierry Cohen
Galaxy is this close.
It's dangerous out there. Don't go alone. Take this with you.

Mother nature bitches! You stand no chance. 
Now that's my kind of daughter ;) I have great hopes for that kid.
You feel calm and relaxed.
Your eyes are starting the close. 

Recursive Gimbal
Gotta love Kramer.

When I first started pole dancing, I saw this gif
and asked my teacher if I was ever going to be able to do bodywave.
She said yes, yet I was dubious.
Today I can do mean proud bodywave.
Thank you Burcu
Önce esniyo, sonra wiggle wiggle. Kıro 

Yeah! That's fucking ostrich skiing.
Deal with it!
Nemesis(Icon Comics)
I Love Dust
Max Farago

Design seeds
for all your color combination needs.
Who is with me!!!!!