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31 December, 2012

Last stimuli of the apocalyptic 2012

We are still here, aye?! That's a surprise :). A second chance!!! Let's celebrate it with more visual stimuli.

I generally spend the new year's eve reflecting on the passing year and dreaming about the upcoming one. Every year I make resolutions and happily/proudly make them happen. So new year's eve is special for me. It is the night which I decide what I want the most in my life for the next 365 days and think on how to make that change happen. I don't remember so far back, but 3 years ago, it was to come back to Turkey which required me to overcome a lot of fears. 2 years ago it was to find a guidance in my life and I found it within me thanks to yoga, surprisingly. Last year was to work less, fun more and I found awesome assistants (thanks Ashkan!!! and Tolga and Süsü) to take the weight off of my shoulders. This year.... I'll let you know when we near the end of 2013 :)

My every day my life is fun enough that I don't feel the need to go out and party my ass off cause I can do that anytime I want. I can even have chocolate cake for breakfast if I wanted to (thanks to Kahve6, I do that often enough). I am all grown up. But I cherish this one day in 365 days to commit to a change in my life.

What do you want for the new year?

Structure 14 by Marcus Montane  
Andrew Gallo
Vintage Japanese poster.
Due to linguistic barrier, it had proven to be too difficult to pinpoint the artist on the interwebs.
But some nifty alternatives can be found here.
Anthony Jones.
His blog is filled with drawings that challenges the boundaries of imagination.
Ramm ND
Some other creative beverage packaging Designs can be found here.

Best road description ever.
Sad way to look at things.
But I cherish
"The older we are, the better we are going to be."
You cannot beat wisdom.

words by Ralph Waldo Emerson art work by Jessica Hische
I prefer to be more silly than kind and more honest than silly.
In this day and age honest makes you silly anyways :P
Ahahahahah. Not just cats!!!!
Aren't we all?
MEGAWING. Can be bought here. 
Quite pointless, huh? 
But sometimes the most pointless things are the most inspirational.
Stephen Savage

Jet pack. 
Gotta respect and admire the art of pole!!!

Luhring Augustine

Yeoh gh
There is an inexplicable serenity about these images.
Peter Gronquist. Gotta love neon work, man.

David by Michelangelo Writes the same, reads oh so differently.

Justin Yang

Longshen Rice Terrace

Oh yeah!

Wrong Luke, Vader, wrong Luke...

photo by Marc Jacobs :P

Do not, under no circumstances, divide by zero!
art work by Kate Petley, Dan Havel and Dean Ruck
Some other bizarre structures can be found here and here

For the record: Mouses are lactose intolerant.
Milk products can actually kill them. But they love peanut butter.

Joshua Krohn
James Lillis

Leo Espinosa
Rosanna Geissler. Some more emroidery stuff
Christoph Meier 
Charlie Engman. very very very nice!!