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13 November, 2009


Quoting some reviewer on amazon. Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse:

About one man's journey into the hell of his own being, paralleled only by the hell of a world he finds no home in; words from Hesse's DEMIAN come to mind: "My story is not a pleasant one....It is a story of nonsense and chaos, madness and dreams--like the lives of all men who stop deceiving themselves."


New words have been suggested to replace the constant state of mind I have been for the last 20 years. I used to use threshold. Now we have: limbo, brink, sill, alpha, fringe.  I am routing for brink... brink... I lived my whole life on the brink...
I lived my whole life on the brink of becoming what i want to become. Well, then I have become what i wanted to become. Then I obtained what I wanted to acquire. Yet I am still on a brink.
Oh, my restless soul
shall never lay
or see a day
by the shore.

Because I don't have the balls to take that one little step necessary to forward into the steppes.
I can be the steppenwolf one day. I can venture forth. Gather your party before venturing forth.

02 November, 2009


What can one say about the master ?What makes one a master?His sincerity in his craft? His ability to provoke strongest response from you?Below is a master, a master I am lucky have met early in life and enjoyed every minute that I was cherished to spend with him...sharing is caring...