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15 July, 2012

Leggo my eggo

How long one can survive with no feedback. How long one can convince thyself that the world around exists, even though no feedback received.... reach out, reached at... I know I once said 'you have to reach out to be reached at' but how long one can reach out, without being reached at. 
A little mercy, mister. 
No more misery.
For a change,
Give me a miracle... a good one(Martin adds)...

I talk to the mountains. 

Do they talk back to me? 
Do they even know that I am addressing them? 
They are on stand still. 
I am on standstill. I am craving,
I am longing, I am maddening yet I am standstill. 
I cannot move, I cannot dare to breath, but I feel.
Oh, how much I feel.
'Feeling' is my ability. What makes me different from all the others. 
What makes me 'me' and others 'others'.
Would I take 'the cure' if I were given one?
Would I end it once and for all and be just like others?

I shall not kiss when I am not in love.

I shall not laugh to dumb jokes, for giggles.
I shall not give in easily for the looks.
I shall remember that love comes to who is ready. 
Time is not a matter in this equation. 
Time is just a nuisance, with its own pace.
Now I have to wait for a long time 
for this love to fade and wait 
and be ready to be able to fall in love again. 

I am time, running out.

Billy or the Kid

Billy the Khief

You know what I would like to do? 

Break in to people's homes and steal trivial stuff... not like their TV's or laptops or anything valuable, but invaluable in price though priceless in their possession...say that specific octagon shaped key, that fits a very specific screw on their bicycle. 

So when they are in dire need of that key, say that specific screw on their specific bicycle needed a specific tightening, every once in a while, they would look around for it, like crazy, thinking where or when they might have misplaced it, scratching their heads, all confused...
And in the mean time, I would be in my room, in my apartment, rubbing my hands and giving out that infamous evil laugh:


One can live on that thrill forever, muuhhhaaaahhahahahahahaah.

Billy the Kid

From Fire to Ashes, we go....

While Prometheus was facing his own misery in dignity on the top of the Caucasus Mountain where his liver was eaten by the eagle for all eternity, I got the chance to talk to him at nights, when his liver grew back only to be re-eaten in the following morning. As I asked him every question I desired, and listened to his humble answers, I realized how grateful we should be for his sacrifice, since it has been over 500.000 years since he stole the fire from the gods and gave it to us, humans, ergo causing the fury of the one god everyone avoids, Zeus and have been paying for it since then, 500.000 years of torture and more to come (Since Heracles is too busy devouring himself in the earthly pleasures of lust). As I looked at him in pity and sadness he looked back at me with love and said:

"Dot' fret my dear, don't feel guilt, hence I'd do it again..."

Prometheus would have done it again if he was given another chance. He would have stolen the fire for us, again, knowing he'd be tortured till eternity(Dear Heracles, get over yourself). Because he believed in us, he believed that we had such potential. He still does, in the dawn of our downfall, he still believes in us. If we do not owe it to anything or anybody, we owe it to Prometheus. We have to make a better end for ourselves than the one we are leading towards to... for Prometheus.