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01 March, 2014

Visual Stimuli 01.03.2014

O kulaklar ne yaaaaa!!!!!
Miguel Vallinas.
So very interesting
15 years VIB event
Photographer: Ine Dehandschutter
Hurricane preparedness
Mystery spot in Santa Cruz, CA
Read the link. Super fun!
Mark Dorf
Mark Dorf

Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy
Bbq invitation
Zim & Zou
Fun loving criminals

Daniel Siering & Mario Shu
Lovely Guy Bourdin's image used for a promo for MM night :)
Siz giderken o dönüyordu.
Alexander Calder
I think I am more fascinated by sculpture than any other form of art.
Luciana Rondolini
aarrgghhkkkk hypnotic!
A new element is added to the periodic table:
The element of surprise

A bubble in minus smt celcius or fahreneit

Guy-Olivier Deveau
The beauty of a well crafted copperplate

Non-newtonian liquid is my new fascination.
It is not even complicated: water and corn starch only.
Brings in mind the one person I know who walked on water
Glitch Furniture 
Ferrucio Laviani
Looks photoshopped ;P
So Freaky!!!!!
Fuck you very much!

Lee Sie
Very cool shit to hang on your office hallway doors,
or hotel hallways
or appletv screensaver
Flamingo fever!!
Baker D. Chirico
their website
Loveeee ittttt
_Please draw a dick on my forehead Salvador.
Don't look so surprised. Not like you didn't know :)
Such a fetishistic love affair: Sony TC-K88
Hilla Shamia
Vincente Garcia Morillo
cool detail at his arm.

In gold we trust
At least I trust. I don't know what you trust in.
Sasha Unisex
So pretty. Not my style of tattoo but I think I might wanna get one :)